Noisy- Part 1

The video below is an extract from an Intensive Interaction session yesterday. The whole session lasted for about twenty-five minutes, which is a pretty good length of time for Henry to engage with anyone without running off. As I watch (and compare with the experts on the videos I linked to on my Intensive Interaction page) I can see where I am going wrong – taking the lead too much, asking too many questions, not always listening carefully or waiting long enough for a response. But this is why videoing the sessions is so useful – these things are much easier to see during playback. One of the best things for me is to see how Henry’s current favourite stim – spinning the Trumpton DVD – can be turned into something more interactive, and how he eventually abandons it for the ‘noisy’ game. (To any of our neighbours who may be reading this – my apologies.)


6 thoughts on “Noisy- Part 1

    1. sue philcox

      Thank you Sarah. A short while after that session I did some work with him identifying and naming weather symbols and he was cooperative and focused, which shows me how important it is for him to be settled before he can learn. The great thing about home ed is that we can take the time to achieve that state of mind.

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  2. Annie

    Really enjoyed watching his engagement and your joint communication and interaction . You got his attention and there was turn taking and sharing love and laughter! Early on, after you had started to hide behind the DVD box it looked as though Henry was picking up your cue by hiding his face with his arms.. initiating peek a boo? Interesting your comment about him being able to settle and focus afterwards. That feels really important.

  3. sue philcox

    Thanks Chris – it’s good to know you see a difference. Always harder when you’re with someone 24/7. Not everyone finds him clear though – am looking forward to SLT visit next week as going to ask for referral for Vantage trial.


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