I haven’t written much about sensory integration therapy on here as yet, but it’s certainly something that benefits Henry hugely. He seems to crave swinging at the moment, in particular swinging on the hammock in our garden. The clip below shows how this seems to help enable his speech. Occupational therapists would explain this by saying that the vestibular feedback he gets from the movement helps to regulate his sensory system and organise his brain, including the speech centres. Others might say that he’s simply having fun and that this is motivating him to speak. Whatever the reason, he’s certainly having a good time ordering me around!


6 thoughts on “Hammock

  1. alifeunlimited

    When Henry initiates a round of speech does he expect you to repeat what he says? So he says his version of ‘tickle tummy’ for example, would you then have to say ‘tickle tummy’. (Am interested as it’s been a feature of Archie’s talk for quite a long time).

  2. movingbeyondthelabel Post author

    He used to want us to do this all the time, but now it’s only certain words or phrases where he likes the sounds – ‘good boy’, ‘very easy’ and ‘it’s amazing’ are the current favourites. But I tend to repeat what he says anyway for speech therapy purposes – reinforcement, shaping of pronunciation etc.

  3. Ellie_Wooding

    Have just looked over the earlier posts and realised just how much his ability to engage has improved (even if we do skip over the academic bit occasionally).

  4. spdmama

    The swing is commonly a regulation trick for kids with sensory processing challenges. When my son would go to OT, the first thing he would go to was a bouncy swing. Makes me wish we could set up a swing in the house!


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