A birthday to remember

Last year

This year
Henry's birthday cake

Henry’s birthdays up to now have often been a bit of a non-event. We’ve tried hard to make them special and he’s usually enjoyed himself, but apart from an interest in birthday cake he has never bothered with the things that make the day a Birthday: presents, cards, parties. Yesterday he was 11, and there was a significant change in his attitude. He was interested in his presents and keen to unwrap them, even doing some independently rather than giving up at the first tough piece of sellotape and wandering off. He opened some cards and even (pass the brandy) looked at them!

The very best part of the day though, was his party. We held it at the West Huntspill Miniature Railway, a local organisation run by model railway enthusiasts, who have been driving their steam and electric trains around the Memorial Fields for the past forty years. They’re open to the public on Sunday afternoons, but also hire the railway out for private parties: three hours of unlimited rides for an unlimited number of guests. I was a bit anxious about a three hour party for 14 children, most of whom have special needs, thinking it could be too long, but my fears were unfounded. What I’d forgotten is how much time it takes some of our children, particularly those with autism, to ‘warm up’ to a new environment and activities. For the first hour many of them were cautious, preferring to watch the trains whizzing round rather than venture on themselves. Henry loves trains and has been to this railway twice before, but even he took some convincing. By the end, however, nearly every child had ridden, and for the last fifteen minutes the kindly, calm men who run the show were inundated by children(and their parents) wanting just one more turn around the track. The field was big enough for football, parachute games and, in Henry’s case, endless piggy backs – the fact we had so much space made a huge difference, allowing children to get away from the crowd if they needed and taking away the sensory onslaught that can often make indoor parties overwhelming. And at the end, when the birthday cake was brought over to the station platform, Henry came running over smiling, made a creditable effort to blow out his candles and was delighted rather than cowed by the loud and enthusiastic singing of Happy Birthday. As I watched the faces around us, I realised how lucky Henry is to have this peer group, many of whom he’s known for years and will continue to mix with when he goes back to school next September. And also how lucky we are to have such a wonderful set of parents, friends and helpers, who act as a support for us as much as for him.

govs pics and henry's birthday 009

govs pics and henry's birthday 066

govs pics and henry's birthday 054

govs pics and henry's birthday 052


7 thoughts on “A birthday to remember

  1. jphilcox@tiscali.co.uk

    Thank you Sue, that was a super blog. It was a lovely party for Henry and thank you both for inviting us to join you for the weekend and for making it such a special day for Henry and his friends.

    We had a good journey back but as I said in my text we could not get on the earlier ferry, it was packed. Now that they have cut down on the service, most ferries are full each time, frustrating! Thank you again, hope you are not feeling too tired this morning!

    Lots of love, Jackie.

    PS. Would love a copy of the cake photo please? >

  2. Sue Lester

    We are a week late and in the mad scramble to get our own son’s birthday organised and in his mother’s increasingly muddled and forgetful brain our best intentions to get something to Henry on time crumbled away… Having read this mostly in tears of joy and fielding questioning looks from Jonny about why I was crying (!) I am delighted that Henry had such a special and enjoyable day – we all are. The photo of Henry and Justin by the cake is definitely one we will look at again and again! We will send a card and present shortly and hope very much that Henry doesn’t mind extending his birthday celebrations just a little bit longer! Much love Sue, David, Oliver and Jonny.


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